Referral Partnerships

Resilience Finance offers professional services firms the opportunity to work with us to achieve quality outcomes for your clients in respect to their finance requirements.

Arrangements can be put in place on a remunerated or non-remunerated basis. The knowledge and expertise of Resilience Finance when combined with your own firms expertise, ensures a superior service proposition for your clients.

Some measurable benefits of working in this way with Resilience Finance include:

  • Time savings – have a finance professional involved will allow your focus to be on the prime area of your business services, rather than getting side tracked by banking and finance issues.
  • Protection for Clients – Resilience Finance will wherever practical negotiate outcomes in line with your strategy for clients. This may incorporate asset protection and risk minimisation within funding arrangements, for example, removal of unnecessary banking conditions etc.
  • Increased Client Loyalty – given Resilience Finance is your referral to the client, there is less risk of competitor interaction.
  • Increased Revenue – either via remuneration generated via referrals or combined with an ability to charge for your own complimentary services required to support finance applications etc.

Find Out How

Ask today how a mutually beneficial referral arrangement can be instigated.